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Busy bees guide to self-care

Creating habits that feed your mental, physical, and spiritual needs can help you strengthen your resilience to stress and exhaustion.

We know self-venting can be unhealthy, so it’s time to start building up instead of tearing down. Just start with the simplest of things.

In addition, hanging out with your pals is the best way to get those good feels. We’ve learned that laughter and making someone else feel appreciated can go a long way too. It might sound cheesy but... self-care is self-love.

If you need a reminder, just take a look in the mirror. You're remarkable, you're wonderful, and you matter.

After all, the connection YOU have with yourself is a lifelong one, make it happy and healthy.

Let’s start where you are. Here are Six super easy simple tips.

Drink more lemon water

Use your healing GP oils every day

Everyday meditate and stretch

Get out in the fresh air

Take steps to reduce your stress

Take short breaks whenever possible

Remember take baby steps and say today will be my best day!


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