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HGPN Radio - Live and on iTunes!

Join us on Friday, August 17th at 4 pm EST for our very first episode of Healing GP Naturally Radio!

Every week we will host a 15 minute radio show that will cover a wide range of topics, from the struggles we all share living with GP, the triumphs, tips for living well, stories from those who do and those who hope to, special interviews, and answering your burning questions like..."Where do I even begin?"

On Friday we will kick off with What Does Healing Truly Mean?

Now that's a question that will either peak your curiosity, give you hope or have you running the other way because what does healing mean when there is no cure?

I'll share a short bit of my own experience with this, coming from someone who has hit rock bottom multiple times and continues to work with what I can. Chalyce will also open up about her approach to healing and what it's meant to her and the hundreds of clients she has worked with over the years.

At the end of each episode we will close with 1-2 live questions so if you are able to join at this time be sure to call in for this opportunity!

This week's thoughts to consider:

What does healing mean to you? Have you experienced it? What do you hope to experience?

To listen live or to a recording shortly after airing go to:

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