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Gastroparesis, Battling the Monster Within Me

What was once a dream is now a reality, with no shortness of hard work and determination. Even when we were in the beginnings of putting the GP book together Chalyce would mention turning the stories people shared into a documentary; one that would show the world the painful challenges those living with gastroparesis face, as well as provide hope for better days.


She relentlessly researched and reached out to anyone who could help and in July, made her way to the Macon Film Festival in Georgia. Here the stars aligned when she met the talented team, Tom Bhramayana and Sonny Marler, creators behind the award-winning independent feature film, Tinker . This insightful movie was the winner at the Sutter Creek International Film festival, a finalist at the Moondance International Film Festival, and selected Best Feature Film, Sci-Fi, and Viewers Choice, with nominations at several others.  


“I have been blessed to see this film four times and it still makes me emotional. The cinematography is breathtaking. It is thought-provoking on a soul level that stays with you for days after. Tinker is the awakening that is much needed in the world right now.”



Tom Bhramayana is a writer/producer as well as a Successful Realtor and business owner in Baton Rouge. Writer/director Sonny Marlow has been involved in many projects over the years including a production, six years in the works, following a journey of two men traveling through Peru on a quest of self-discovery. Sonny shares, “Being a director is having the ability to give and receive inspiration while on the journey of a production.”


Their recent film Tinker, starring Clayne Crawford (from FOX hit series Lethal Weapon) and co-starring Christian Kane (from TNT's hit series The Librarians), has been selected so far in 13 film festivals as the official selection feature film.


With their experience in the film and entertainment industry, they will be able to share their talents and assist us in the making of Gastroparesis: Battling the Monster Within. We are blessed to have the production company, KoCreo Productions LLC, come on board as associate producers and consultants.


If you would like to be a sponsor for our documentary or donate in someone's memory please contact us. 

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