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"I've had so much success with following Chalyce's protocolIi can't wait to read the book! The book and the class will do nothing but benefit you and help you improve your quality of life with GP. Highly recommend!"

- Rebekah 


"Anyone dealing with GP should have this book! Chalyce 's protocol and guidance for healing have been a lifesaver -and "job saver" for me over the past few years. I so highly recommend it and the class to improve your quality of life."

- Cynthia 



"Having been on nutrition support (TPN and tube feeds), this approach is what has turned things around for me. Off TPN and have gone back to primarily dietary management."

- A.J. 


"This protocol has helped me so much. The wealth of knowledge that Chalyce and her team has is a blessing."

- Kristie


"This is a great way to learn the protocol at your own pace and ask questions to Chalyce Macoskey and others. It is a guide to healing. I am so excited about the book!! It has helped me when I have been very sick. I know how to listen to my body and learn what I can and can't eat. It will be the best money you spend. You have to invest in yourself to fight GP. This is one way to do that."

- Peggy


"Wanted to just take a moment and highly encourage anyone scrolling past this post or contemplating this class. This class......actually the entire oil plan is a game changer...SO please, if you are considering the book or the class, just do it. You truly have nothing to lose and an amazing amount to gain. Any of us would be happy to chat more about our experience and offer our encouragement. None of us gain anything by posting our opinion for this approach. In truth, we have already gained a lot in simply following the approach and for that, we will all be forever grateful to Chayce for her research and approach. 
I went in search of one thing......finding my daughter's smile and her voice again. Thanks to Healing GP Naturally, my days are filled with more singing."

- Ashley


"This is amazing! When I started just over a year ago in January I only had a little guidance from Chalyce because the book and classes and group was not available. Within no time I was able to start enjoying life again and by Summer I had my life back. With all that is being offered now, I truly believe anyone else can get there life back in no time to. This Summer I feel amazing thanks to Chalyce's oils and protocol. No more nausea and vomiting....hello hiking, swimming, fishing, and tons of adventures I never thought I would be able to enjoy again. The possibilities are endless once you learn the protocol. Its worth every penny and more for what it's not only done for my life but my family and friends too. ❤ I can't wait for the book to arrive....and please watch for an update to my story!"

- Kristine


"Chalyce Macoskey is doing amazing things!!! Highly recommended..."

- Aimee


"My relationship with Chalyce Macoskey has changed my life. Her knowledge and compassion for people with digestive disorders is like no other. I highly recommend everyone having these challenges or know someone that does to buy this will change your life too!"

- Diana


"Implementing the protocol that Chalyce has developed drastically changed my health and quality of life. When I began working with her, I was struggling to consume any solid foods and was losing weight at a steady pace. I had lost more than 80 lbs and my doctors had begun discussing the possibility of a feeding tube. Using her essential oil blends and following her diet protocol, I was able to gain weight and avoid surgery. I've regained the ability to take part in activities that I enjoy and my quality of life has increased exponentially. I highly recommend the book and the protocol -- it works!"

- Melody 



Check back for more shared experiences soon! 




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