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I Have My Daughter Back!

I sit here packing my 18 yr old daughter's suitcase, getting ready to send her

off.... ALONE...... but, I know with faith, cleaning eating and Essential 7 GP Blend, she will come back to me with nothing but happy memories.

2.5 years ago, we thought the door had been shut on her Humanitarian trips. She had been blessed to travel the globe beginning at age 12. Her dream; to open an orphanage in a 3rd world culture. That dream was destroyed when after a wk in the hospital she was sent home unable to walk, having lost over 25 pounds in a matter of weeks and unable to eat, she was given the 'helpful' parting gift of 7 different Rx med's she was now to rely on.

After a failed run of 6 months, I said there had to be more and went looking for natural treatments. I truly stumbled across HGPN (Healing Gastroparesis, Naturally) and thought, "what a hoot..... what a delusional hoot."

I was the poster child for 'Not falling for the snake oil'.

After reading through the page, the success stories and burning up Chalyce's PM, I figured I wouldn't lose much but $40 to purchase the oils; that was a fraction of the cost of just one of my daughter's med's. Slowly..... I got my daughter back. She loves music and would always go around the house singing. But she stopped when she got sick. How foolish I was when I think back at how frustrated I would get at having my concentration broken because she was singing too loud..... I longed for those days. I had to close my bedroom door the day I heard music come down the hall upon realizing it was her, singing! I didn't want to frighten my kiddos with my tears at something so simple but, it wasn't. It was the sound of life returning. Fast forward to today, and I shed tears again.

She is headed to Africa. This will be her 10th trip outside the country with three more on the books this year. This protocol is not a gimmick or 'snake oil'. Nor is it easy. Oils alone won't do it. Which is why all her clothes are packed in her small carry on and her 50 pound suitcase is food.

Don't shy away from this because it's different. Cling to it, BECAUSE it's different and unique. It WORKS because it is different and unique; it is a return to the natural. And it has given me my daughter back and has given her, her dream back, to travel the globe and spread love to others.

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