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Tamera's Life Changes with GP Bootcamp and Joins Our Team!

A big welcome to the newest member of the Healing GP team, Tamera Hickman-Wise!

Tamera has a story many of us can relate to of the pain and suffering she has lived with for years, only to have recently joined up with Chalyce and the Healing GP Bootcamp, which as you will read below has changed her life dramatically for the better. She is now dedicated to helping others as a moderator to the FB page Healing GP Naturally as well as the bootcamp that got her back on her feet again.

About Tamera

I began my work in the Medical field at the age of15, worked as a Nursing Assistant and joined the military at 18, attending Combat Medical School. While in the Military I worked in surgery, OB/GYN, and Primary Care. After getting out I was able to challenge the Nursing Board in the state of California and became a LPN, working as one for several years before going back to school to become an Ultrasound Technician, able to use both my nursing skills and Ultrasound together working in the hospital.

I decided I wanted a change and moved on to marketing for Hospice, teaching doctors and nurses the roles while able to teach family members and patients as well. I also did marketing for homecare companies reaching out to hospitals and doctors. I was able to do all of this up until getting sick.

I am a Gastroparesis Warrior just like all of you. I was diagnosed in 2013 after having years of digestion problems including gastritis. The doctor decided to do an endoscopy and found food left in my stomach from 18 hours earlier. I then had a GES that confirmed the slow emptying, aka GP. I have been through multiple medications and a Gastric Pacemaker to try to help with my nausea and vomiting. The Gastric Pacemaker has helped some but not enough so I took it upon myself to try alternatives.

I then joined the GQG (Glitter Queens Global) site where, after being on the site for about six months or so April, head of GQG, was doing a give away for the Healing Naturally Bootcamp and I was selected as one of the eight she gave away. I had not heard of Healing GP Naturally until this point. That’s when I met Chalyce. Working with her to help my illness was a huge impact for me. I was so sick at this point I didn’t even want to get out of bed. I was not eating because every time I did I would bloat and have terrible nausea and vomiting. I was living on zofran and reglan just to even get some soup down.

I followed Chalyce’s instructions on how to go about changing my diet and how to group certain foods and eat others separately.Within the four weeks of her camp I was finally eating more and feeling better between my new diet plan and the GP oils. It has now been two months and I feel great! I no longer take those medications and I am eating better than I have in four years. I have more energy and less depression due to the GP Bootcamp and Healing GP Naturally. My goal is to try and help as many people I can to learn about this monster of a disease. To help people find alternative ways to help themselves as modern medicine isn't always able to offer tried and true ways to help us.


To learn more about Healing GP and the Bootcamp make sure to connect to our Facebook page!

Alternatively, you can go here to donate $25 through PayPal and you are signed up.

And thank you Tammy for sharing your story and helping inspire others!

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