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Are you living with gastroparesis and still looking for ways to deal with this challenge? Need ideas on how to function and feel better? You are not alone and feeling good is no longer just a dream, it is within your reach.


The creators of Healing Gastroparesis Naturally have gone through what you are experiencing and have learned how to thrive again. Using various alternative methods of care, this program offers ideas which have been proven highly effective in managing gastroparesis and chronic digestive disorders.

"I'm happy to report that Monday morning, I still feel great. No symptoms, no side effects, etc. Nothing but wet eyes writing this post. Moral of the story is.... this protocol is a huge change. I'm almost three years in and it's like my body feels a sense of relief."  - Loretta

Self-Paced Healing Gastroparesis Naturally Course


Take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts!

The program will guide you with recorded classes. 

You will find a variety of suggestions that have been researched over many years, helping to bring the mind-body-spirit into balance and gain back your quality of life.



Recorded live classroom videos


Daily checklist

Shopping list

How to stock your GP kitchen


Weekly meditations

Education needed to improve quality of life



How can anyone possibly help me?
There is no cure for GP! 
I've tried everything and nothing seems to help. 

What else could you possibly share that I haven't already read?

"When I went back to see my doctor he was also impressed. He told me whatever I am doing, DON’T STOP!"

- Kristine 

Started protocol January 2016


Take this opportunity to join Health Coach Chalyce Macoskey, co-founder of Healing Gastroparesis Naturally and founder of Wisdom by Nature, as she guides you step-by-step through a new approach to managing gastroparesis. Chalyce has worked with hundreds of clients over the years and helped them to overcome debilitating digestive challenges. You will meet others who have been through what you have experienced as well as those who have practiced this protocol and gained back their quality of life.


Health Coach Stephanie Torres, consumer advocate for ThriveRx and co-author of book Wisdom by Nature, will be there to help with tips, recipes, and handouts from her own experience living with GP and share how this approach has improved her own life.



Join us as we help guide you through a new approach to managing gastroparesis, with tools you can use to make a lasting change and simple, actionable steps to apply to your daily life.


Living with digestive trouble can feel overwhelming and isolating.

We have been there and get it and we are here to empower you on this journey.


As you follow along you will learn about making the best choices for your challenges and not only see what a good day can look like, but also experience it with a like-minded community setting.


Program Modules 

Essential Oils: Everything You Wanted to Know About How, When, and Where to Use Them Specifically for GP


Diet Part 1: Top Five Foods that Heal


The Power of Yoga, Breath, and Relaxation


Diet Part 2: Moving Past the Fear of Food

Suggestions for Snacks, Meals, and Recipes


Emotions and How They Affect Our Body


Additional Challenges: Migraines, Menstrual, Constipation, Diarrhea,

and Pain


Each Weekly Module Includes

Helpful Handouts

Educational Video/Presentation

The Science Behind It

Inspiring Shared Experiences


Limited time offer!

6 weeks of guidance, education, and support for only $70.00

Save $200

Bonus* First 10 to sign up will receive a free e-copy of our book Wisdom by Nature!

Enrollment Options 

Join us for 6 weeks of support and step-by-step guidance, using an approach which has helped many people to gain back their quality of life.


1. Pay in full $70.00 

Click here for Enrollment 


2. Payment plans available: Make 2 easy payments of $35.00 

Payment 1 receive the first 3 weeks

Click Here for Enrollment 

After you finish your first 3 lessons come back and grab your next 3 to complete the course


Click Here for Enrollment 

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