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Book to be Released this Spring!

We are excited to announce our book will be out this Spring 2017! Stay tuned here and on our Patreon Page for an exact date and how you can get a copy, including some fun giveaways leading up to the release.

Wisdom by Nature, A New Approach to Feeling Your Best While Living with Gastroparesis: Shared tips, stories to inspire and recipes to provide hope and a better quality of life.

Feeling good is no longer just a dream, it is within your reach. This book shares the stories of many others diagnosed with motility disorders, such as gastroparesis, who sought out numerous opinions only to hit roadblocks when it came to finding answers.

After suffering from brain trauma and extreme digestive challenges following a terrible car accident, author Chalyce Macoskey discovered various alternative methods of care. These ideas have proven highly effective in managing gastroparesis and chronic digestive disorders. When she helped longtime sufferer Kathy Atkins, who had been unable to eat for 6 weeks due to the severity of her challenges, get her life back, there was no turning back. Kathy began the support group Healing Gastroparesis Naturally to share her story and, along with Chalyce, reach out to as many people as possible to not only provide hope, but to learn the steps they could take to actually feel alive and well again.

Co-author Stephanie Torres shares her own experience of living with GP, from traveling the country searching for answers, feeding tubes to IV nutrition, and finally finding relief with ways to manage her own symptoms.

You will find A New Approach includes a variety of suggestions that have been researched over many years, helping to bring the mind/body/spirit into balance. The stories reveal the fact that people actually can get their quality of life back and provides hope to those who never thought possible.

Chapters include:

  • Laying the Foundation

  • The Science Behind It

  • A Different Way of Thinking

  • The Power of Breath, Yoga, and Relaxation

  • Are Our Emotions Contributing to Disease?

  • Our Children's Challenges

  • Migraines and What Lies Beneath

  • Recipes

  • Shared Experiences

This book shares ideas that have been researched and used by many people around the country in an easy to read format, and perfect for taking with you on the go to keep reminders, inspiration and recipes on hand.

More to come soon so be sure to check back and join in the conversation on Patreon!


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