About Wisdom By Nature 

Wisdom by Nature Academy is a grassroots nonprofit with a multi-purpose approach to helping the many challenges of gastroparesis, a severe digestive motility disorder which affects more than 5 million Americans and millions more worldwide. This is done by way of essential oils, supporting digestion, and providing education to those who are suffering. Through the success of this New Approach, hundreds if not thousands of lives have been helped since we started.

2016-2017 WBN Goals


  • Funding Research to aid in future studies on the beneficial effects of essential oils for gastroparesis. The first successful study will soon be published in the Holistic Nursing Practice Journal.  

  • Educate Communities on approaches that work to help alleviate the severity of digestive disorders.  This will include the release of our book, Wisdom by Nature: A New Approach to Feeling Your Best While Living with Gastroparesis, with book launches in cities where gastroparesis is prevalent; host online presentations, local community events, and film a documentary about the lives this approach has changed.

  • Provide Employment Opportunities to those who have had to live on disability due to their health challenges but are now thriving and getting their lives back. This can be done through training and board certification as an aromatherapy coach so they too can help provide care and support to others who live with gastroparesis.   

  • Create Care Packages available to those with financial difficulties.


            Wisdom by Nature is fully funded, going on four years, solely through volunteers and donations.

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