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  • 2009 - Wisdom by Nature launched its first holistic wellness conference in Copper Mountain, Colorado with 50 participants.

  • 2010 - Brought in investors to take the company to a higher level, enabling Wisdom by Nature to reach a larger market.  

  • 2011 - Investors provided capital to upgrade and re-launch the brand and website as well as partner with to become one of their holistic experts.  At this time, a complete line of organic skin care was added to the company product line, which has developed a successful following.

  • 2012 - Purchased Essential7, a wholesale supplier of essential oils and other holistic products intended for companies and individuals to create their own personal products.

  • 2012/2013 - Formulation and testing of FirstGreen, LLC cleaner.

  • 2013 – Healing Gastroparesis page created on Facebook to facilitate coaching of individuals dealing with that health challenge. To date, over 1500 individuals have found an improved quality of life via her coaching.

  • 2015 - July – Granted research by Airase Research Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization. The grant was to demonstrate how essential oils improve the quality of life for those challenged with gastroparesis.

  • 2016 - Study completed with the Airase grant, showing improvement with participants and zero negative feedback. Results to be published by end of 2016 in the journal, Holistic Nursing Practice, The Science of Health and Healing.


Based in Golden, Colorado, she has conducted extensive research on the role of natural therapies and whole food nutrition, to coach clients throughout the world who are faced with complex medical challenges. Chalyce specializes in the formulation of blends that address the issues of each individual client. Her unique approach to wellness has changed lives. She has assisted clients with conditions ranging from MRSA, antibiotic-resistant infections, as well as Stevens–Johnson Syndrome. She also specializes in coaching others in healthy ways to overcome women’s health and digestive challenges. Chalyce has an unwavering commitment to finding the right blend of essential oils and organic whole food nutrition that results in drastic improvements in the clients’ conditions and quality of life. Today, Chalyce is an advocate for healing the body, mind, and spirit with whole food nutrition as well as with essential oils. In her lectures and consulting practice, she shares that no matter the age, a person can improve their quality of life by dealing with the root cause and healing at the cellular level. She is especially concerned with children, as well as senior citizens, who are often are faced with specific challenges not often seen in the general population. She travels all over the country giving lectures and educating individuals and organizations on how to shop in a more holistic manner on a budget.


From a young age, Chalyce lived with stomach challenges, and as a teenager, a diagnosis given which was termed "cheerleader syndrome." There was not much known about gastroparesis 30 years ago. The doctor believed it was too much pressure from her parents and pushing her too hard, even though she was just a typical, active student by choice. Other conditions that plagued her body included IBS, fibromyalgia, uncontrolled gestational diabetes, hypoglycemia, Epstein-Barr, and autoimmune challenges. She was put on several medications over the course of her life until, in her early 20’s, a “country” doctor taught her how to start helping herself through diet, supplements and the importance of whole food nutrition. This is where her journey to heal herself, and help others, began.








Chalyce Macoskey

CHALYCE MACOSKEY, Founder of NonProfit Wisdom By Nature Academy, a company that provides education for people with gastroparesis and other digestion disorders. Chalyce is an IV-certified medical assistant with certifications in both aromatherapy and holistic health coaching as well as the owner of Essential7,  a company that wholesales ethically produced high-quality grade essential oils. Chalyce's blends for digestive challenges can be found on the E7 website.  She has co-authored a book called Wisdom By Nature, A New Approach To Healthy Gastroparesis and Digestive Challenges.  Her research will soon be published in the Holistic Nursing Practice Journal. Currently, she serves as the Vice President of Aromatherapy for the Natural Therapies Certification Board. Chalyce is a leading expert and pioneer on the use of essential oils and nutrition to assist in the overall well-being and improvement to the quality of life for individuals of all ages.

Chalyce believes in one guiding principle; that is: “We can make a difference in the body’s ability to overcome challenges. The key is the education of key principles in wellness.”

STEPHANIE TORRES, Certified Health Coach, ThriveRx Consumer Advocate

Stephanie was officially diagnosed with gastroparesis in 2008 at the age of 28, following years of other health challenges. Luckily, in her early 20s, she had found a passion for nutrition, yoga, and meditation. Despite the many challenges she has faced over the years, Stephanie has continued to use these methods to help manage her illness. 

Certified as a health coach in 2012 through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Stephanie currently works as a consumer advocate with ThriveRx, providing one-on-one support and education for those on home enteral and parenteral nutrition. Through her blog, Journey with Gastroparesis, she has shared experiences, insight, and tips for living with GP. She attends conferences and support groups across the country and has helped to raise awareness and funds for research through the annual Awareness Walk for Gastroparesis & Digestive Health. 


After noticing the difference essential oils made in her own life, she began working with Chalyce Macoskey and the non-profit Wisdom by Nature to help spread awareness about the use of essential oils and natural remedies for GP. Together they wrote The New Approach to Healing Gastroparesis and Digestive Challenges, to be released in May of 2017.


Stephanie lives with her husband and 2 dog-children in the Pacific Northwest where she enjoys spending time with loved ones, writing, reading, being outdoors, and experimenting with her favorite GP-friendly foods.





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