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HGPN Support Program

How would you like to get step-by-step guidance with everything that has been shared through the New Approach to healing GP? Do you benefit from having feedback and ideas for your daily food choices? Does having someone to reach out to, listen to, and brainstorm with give you comfort, knowing you are not in this alone?

Our support program was created with all of this in mind. The weekly live classes and handouts provide instructions, breaking the approach down into 6 categories so that it doesn't feel overwhelming to take in all at once. The private forum is there for you to ask questions, share daily meals and gain feedback and support. We share stories from our own experiences and those whose lives have changed for the better. Over the years I have worked with many specialists, both in western medicine and alternative, signed up for multiple classes and programs, anything to give me hope and answers, something to fix this pain and suffering. While I've gathered endless amounts of tidbits here and there to help, working with Chalyce and her approach has by far made the biggest difference in my life. Less pain, increased appetite (and the ability to eat with it!), periods that no longer debiliate me every single month. What I love most about it all? Her absolute selfless commitment and heart-on-her-sleeve compassion to help people. And the more people she sees getting their life back, the stronger her passion to share this approach grows.

Please join us, starting next Monday on August 14th, where we offer 6 weeks of attention through weekly calls, handouts, and a private forum to connect. Coming from someone who helped write the book and knows what it takes to feel good, I still benefit from the continued support!

We would love to have you as we educate, support, brainstorm and find what works best for YOU. For details please go here and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask! Wishing you better belly days ahead, Stephanie

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