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Book Release: The "We Are So Close" Special!

You are most likely aware there has been a book in the works for quite some time now. When I first met Chalyce over a year ago, it was one of her top priorities to combine 20 years of research, hard work and success stories in one easy to "digest" format. Something people could hold and easily reference, take with them and share with others. A book that could inspire and give people hope that they too can have find relief when living with serious health challenges like gastroparesis.

Like myself when I first came across the Healing Gastroparesis FB page, you may have been thrown off by the word healing. "Does this mean she has a cure?" "Is this a hoax, or for real?" What I quickly learned was that yes, it's for real, and no, it's not a cure but a way to introduce a better quality of life. We go over what healing truly means in the chapter one, Laying the Foundation. You will read about people just like us who have truly suffered with debilitating illness, and who, after implementing this New Approach, truly felt better. I've talked with some who stopped vomiting within a week, after years of this happening daily. Who could barely get out of bed and now taking their kids to soccer games and making dinner for the family. Who, like me, stopped having serious pain every time they ate a bite of food.

What we hope by sharing all that Chalyce has created and done for others over the years is to make this approach simple and available to anyone who wants to give it a try and to improve their own quality of life. Trust me when I say it's worth it!

We are so close to the release and want to offer a special bundle price. All orders made by 5/12 will receive a copy of the published paperback plus the ebook for free, to be released the last week of May.

If you are a Healing GP Patreon member you can save an additional $4, total of $14 in savings for the bundle!

All profits will go to our nonprofit Wisdom By Nature Academy to continue research, host awareness and educational events, and to send care packages to those in need.

Thank you for your support and wishing you better belly days ahead!

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