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Shared Experiences: Dee's Journey

Hello fellow GP-ERS! It has been a long time since I have posted but I promised myself I would post at my 1 year anniversary with HGPN. I joined and started the protocol.....essential oils, kefir, kraut juice and salt sole .....February 2016, and was feeling quite desperate and hopeless. I had a good handle on the foods I can and can't tolerate (I was diagnosed April 2007 so I had many years of food detective work) but something still wasn't right. I was being controlled by GP and missing out on life! A gal from my SIBO group suggested I join HGPN, a life-changing suggestion. I call 2016 a year of healing and I thank HGPN for it. Please don't think I am GP free because I will always have it, but it is definitely under control. My gut flora is more balanced, I got off three gut prescriptions and haven't needed an iron infusion, although I'm borderline there. I went from being in almost constant flares to three bad flares in 2016. I haven't had a bad flare since the end of October. I have gained 25 pounds which is ten pounds too much! My food variety has increased and I can actually eat out. I never skip essential oils (turmeric, Gastro and Kate's Happy Tummy are daily), and yogurt/ kefir/kraut juice. I keep Nausea and salt grains close by because I still get nauseous and I vomit only occasionally. I have actually been able to commit to volunteering twice a week at an equine therapy ranch and know that most of the time I can keep that commitment. This healing didn't happen took many months of being patient and totally committed to protocol and listening to Chalyce Macoskey, Kathleen Atkins, and members of this group. I am just now feeling relaxed enough about my condition to plan ahead, and am like my old confident self. I am thinking that the more relaxed and less stressed I am about my GP, the more the likelihood is that flares will be a rare occurrence rather than the norm. I am sharing because I want those of you who are feeling desperate and hopeless, to know there is hope and success in the HGPN approach. My journey has taken a year to feel I truly am on the right track......others may reach this point more quickly or take longer. Whatever your situation is, just remain steadfast and don't give up. Also, in addition to the things I already mentioned, the most important things I do are eat small portions, eat very very little at dinner, and fast 15 hours after my evening meal so my stomach empties as well as it can. OK, I'm done LOL! Bless all of you, and please know you all are in my prayers. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the support this group gives.

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