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Essential Oil Sale!

Now is a great time to try or stock up on essential oils including those specifically created to help manage gastroparesis!

*Essential 7 is having a customer appreciation sale -- use code THANKU to take 20% off your total order.*

Available only for a limited time

The GP Starter Collection is a great place to start and includes 8 total 15ml oils that may help manage digestion, inflammation, sleep, and relaxation. You will also receive a 4 oz. bag of Himalayan salt rocks that can be used to make salt sole, a simple recipe of sea salt and water that many have found helpful for nausea.

If you haven't seen the research, these oils have been shown through research to improve quality of life for those living with gastroparesis. You can read more about that here and check out our Facebook page Healing Gastroparesis Naturally to connect with many others who are currently using this approach and the hundreds who have amazing stories to share!

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