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Awareness Walk for GP - Bellingham, WA

This year marked our 5th annual GP Walk in Bellingham and despite the last minute planning we had a great turn-out! I want to give a huge shout out to our new friend Gail who showed up with 12 family members who not only participated in the event but helped to set up and break down the event. She is now ready to plan her own walk in Seattle spring of 2017. And to everyone who participated in the event whether you were walking, sitting at the tent, or simply there in spirit, thank you for all your support!

We sold well over 100 shirts across the country with all proceeds going directly to non-profit Wisdom by Nature. To learn more about how funds are being used and exactly what our mission you can go here. In the meantime we are planning more walks hosted by others with GP in several states including WA, FL, PA, CA and IL. There is one more round of the royal blue shirts available to order between now and October 7th so if you missed the first sale you can now place your order at www.gpwalk/ to donate and get a super soft and cozy tee, tank or hoodie.

If you are interested in hosting a GP walk please contact us for tips on how to get started. The more awareness we raise not only helps bring recognition to this disorder but also shares simple tools people can use to manage it all. I'm in constant awe of the differences this approach has made in so many lives.

And of course thank you to our sponsors this year: ThriveRx, Sister Power, Essential7 and Hoagland Pharmacy...your support and donations are helping to make a BIG difference for those of us living with gastroparesis.

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