New GP Female Support Kit

July 14, 2017

Raise your hand if you are a female living with gastroparesis AND struggle with hormonal issues. Okay, I can't see the hands but I'm pretty positive most of you ladies reading this are at least nodding your head. Not only do I personally have a history of these challenges (endometriosis, painful, heavy periods, lack of periods, ovarian cysts, cramps, cramps, and more cramps) but it seems like most of the women I meet living with GP are struggling with this as well. We complain to each other and to our medical professionals about how much worse our stomachs feel during this dreaded time of the month, only to get looked at as though we are loony.


Share this with Chalyce Macoskey, who has spent years working with hundreds of women suffering from these disorders, and she won’t hesitate for a moment to believe what you are experiencing. After I began using the special digestive blends she created and finding some GP relief, we added in clary sage to assist with the pain and heaviness that just felt debilitating. I began using a few drops a few times a day the week before and week of my period and was amazed at how much lighter they became, plus I no longer felt scared to leave the house for days at a time. To help combat the first couple days of pain we experimented with Deep Comfort and Sore No More which completely took away the need for any pain medication or ibuprofen. Not to mention the added benefit, I was sleeping like a baby!

If you aren’t familiar with the science behind clary sage, it has been studied in the medical field and found to have unique components that help to balance out estrogen production. Because of its antispasmodic properties it can help to help calm the cramps and has also been shown to reduce pain in patients with dysmenorrhea. A particularly interesting study even showed that just inhaling this oil can decrease cortisol levels.


One of Chalyce’s best sellers through Essential7 is the Healing GP Kit, to help comfort and aid in the digestive process, specifically for those with GP. We are excited to add the GP Female Support collection to help specifically during this time of the month (which for many of us is nearly two out of those four weeks, yikes!).


Included in the kit you will find:

Clary Sage