New Partnership! Glitter Queens Global

March 15, 2018












Healing Gastroparesis Naturally is excited to announce an ongoing partnership with Glitter Queens Global to highlight their mission of serving the chronically ill.


Glitter Queens Global is a proud sponsor of the Healing Gastroparesis Naturally online Boot Camp program which helps those with Gastroparesis through weekly coaching as they learn how to better manage their symptoms through dietary and lifestyle changes, along with the use of essential oils to bring the body into a state of balance.


Glitter Queens Global is also a contributing sponsor for the upcoming Healing Gastroparesis Naturally documentary, which will highlight the various struggles incurred by those with this digestive disorder and how they’re improving quality of life using the protocol created, researched and published by Chalyce Macoskey of Essential 7.


We couldn’t be happier or prouder with this partnership that benefits so many. 


Glitter Queens Global is a nonprofit organization with a mission to advocate through philanthropy in hopes to leave an indelible mark upon the lives of those who battle chronic illness(es). We are the chronically ill serving the chronically ill.


Through philanthropy we bring love, hope and cheer with affirmation, education and information in a myriad of ways. From our famous glitter bombs and monthly social media LIVE events, to our SpecialOps and GlitterKIDS programs, there is always a way for a need to be fulfilled.


For more information please visit them at their website.


To request cards, view our services / programs or request a SpecialOps or GlitterKIDS package you may email us at 


Glitter Queens Global is a proud sponsor of  Healing GP Bootcamp

and partner of the AGMD