Sickness Inspires Bay Area Woman to Develop Healthy Product

April 19, 2017

When someone you love is faced with a serious, life-threatening illness, you want to do everything in your power to make it better. I know this firsthand when last fall, my mother-in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. We were devastated but the family came together quickly to research all options and figure out a plan to keep her as healthy as possible. It didn't take much convincing for her to completely overhaul her diet to incorporate organic, nutrient-dense, whole foods and give up sugar-laden junk "foods" that are now like a food group in today's society. She knew, along with the treatment plan from her doctors, this would give her the best possible chance a longer and healthier life. It is incredibly inspiring. 


And she is not alone. Chalyce has helped many others do the same over the years and recently connected with someone whose story we just have to share; someone who turned a terminal diagnosis into an opportunity to not only impact her own mother's health but everyone else out there who loves a delicious, nutrient-filled snack. 


Mother’s Battle with Cancer is 

Impetus to Become Entrepreneur


Benicia, CA -- You’ll find Kimberli Haris spending long days developing, refining and manufacturing her products.  In the Bay Area her entrepreneurship isn’t that extraordinary -- but the way she became an entrepreneur certainly is.  


Kimberli’s journey began helping her mother Martha battle cancer in 2007 when she was given only three months to live.  They tried everything, including juicing, to give her mother the most nutrients possible.  While doing this, Kimberli became inspired to provide a healthy alternative to the Otter Pops that were being given to her children at school.  Otter Pops are basically a frozen Popsicle without the stick.  Kimberli realized they’re filled with sugar, dyes, and preservatives.

She merged the idea of a healthy Popsicle with the story her mother told her as a child – that of “Fairyella,” the tooth fairy.  Fairyella Ice Pops were born.  Kimberli started making ice pops using her family juice blends using farm fresh citrus fruits and vegetables, with no stabilizers, dyes or preservatives, and less than 5g of sugar.  Soon, everyone from moms to chemo patients was asking for them.  Kimberli began manufacturing the ice pops on a larger scale, making flavors such as Lavender Lemonade, Orange Pop, Green Monster Pop and Watermelon Pop.


In her first year she began selling her ice pops at a local Farmer's Market and landed a deal with Whole Foods Market in San Francisco.  In her second year, she grew to 15 Whole Foods locations and won the small producer grant from Whole Foods which she used to purchase an automatic juicer.  Now in her third year, Fairyella Ice Pops can be found in 27 locations.  The ice pops are now vegan certified and Kimberli is working with a distributer to help grow the business to 100 more stores.


Even though Martha lost her fight with cancer in 2010, the juicing helped her live another three years instead of the three months her doctor said she had to live.  This is why Kimberli continues to be inspired to follow her dream of providing healthy snacks for kids, adults and others battling cancer.


Visit for the complete story of Fairyella Ice Pops.


Kimberli Haris has joined on as our newest sponsor for the Wisdom by Nature Academy and will be sharing more about related projects in the near future!