Finding Your Inner Child: Stress Relief Can Be More Than Quiet Meditations and a Warm Bath

April 17, 2017



"Enjoy the little things in life because one day you'll look back and realize they were the big things". 

- Kurt Vonnegut


I can easily say what stresses me out most is when someone tells me I'll feel better if I just have "less stress" in my life. Yes, it's true that added stress can have a direct impact on our health, especially for those of us living with a chronic digestive illness like gastroparesis. We are more sensitive than the average Joe and what feels normal and achievable to most often comes at a price; be it that extra hour of work, 1 hr of exercise vs. 20 minutes, taking a trip (even vacations can be tough!), or going to an event 2 nights in a row (crazy, I know!). BUT, at the same time we do want to live our lives and often many stressful circumstances are unavoidable. Life happens and learning to adapt may be the key. 


Lately life has been particularly challenging in my world and for reasons beyond my control. Part of that is external - aka daily life, while the other part is internal - GP acting up and slowing me down. And as most of you can relate to, not feeling well is a cause for stress on it's own. Thank goodness for the GP oils created by Essential7 that now help me to manage pain and increased my ability to eat, after eight long years of searching for some relief. But what else can we do to stay on top of times like this? 

In our upcoming book, The New Approach to Healing Gastroparesis and Digestive Challenges, (released end of May!), Chalyce discusses the how specific emotions affect the we feel. Guilt is a biggie, one that can weigh heavy on us when we constantly feel like we should do more and be more. You will find a list of each emotion with a tip for an activity and a daily affirmation to use. For guilt it is recommended to, "Find a grassy patch, lie in the sunshine, cuddle under your favorite blanket or soak in the tub. Know this is what you deserve and don't even think about doing anything else." YES please! It's time to find something that feels good, something that is fun


Now, there is no better time to practice daily meditations than when living with a chronic illness (or feeling stressed), and a nice warm, Relax and Release Epsom salt bath at bedtime makes for a luxurious icing on the calm cake. Trust me, this is the key to a good, deep night's sleep! However, something can still feel like it's missing at times. As I've heard myself saying more and more lately, "I'm doing it all right so why don't I feel well?"