A Voice For the Dying: Enter to Share YOUR Story

April 1, 2017

Writing that word never comes easy for me, in fact, the team here at Healing GP Naturally tends to focus on the positive, like what can we do to feel better and stories of people who have improved. 


However, there is no avoiding it; people are dying. It's heartbreaking and unreal at times, that such a torturous disorder exists and not much is being done about it. I see postings at least once a month, if not weekly, in the Grief Group on Facebook. I talk regularly to people relying on feeding tubes and nutrition through an IV, struggling to take one bite and get through the day.


While you will mostly find testimonies on our site from those who have gotten better and featured in the book to be released in May, it's time we also share the voice of those who are, at this time, starving because of gastroparesis and dysmotility, because of a GI tract that decided to stop processing and digesting the nutrients needed to survive. 


What do you want people to know?

We are asking those living with GP to share a brief, 2 minute video about how this illness has affected your life to help kick off this campaign.  


Submit your video by Monday, April 3rd, when we will pick 5 GP'ers to send a free essential oil GP kit AND a spot in the next HGPN 6-week group program.


In addition:

Your story will be shared on the GoFundMe page: A Voice for the Dying, to help raise funds for research grants, care packages, and awareness during a presentation at the AHNA nursing convention in June.


Future project includes creating a documentary with producers in L.A. to show just how much GP affects our lives and those we love, and to share how serious this condition is through a collaboration of real life stories. 


Please send video clip (or YouTube link) to: healinggpnaturally@gmail.com


If you have ANY questions don't hesitate to send us a message and thank you for taking a few minutes to help us spread awareness with your voice!