Shared Experiences: Dee's Journey

March 8, 2017

Hello fellow GP-ERS! It has been a long time since I have posted but I promised myself I would post at my 1 year anniversary with HGPN. I joined and started the protocol.....essential oils, kefir, kraut juice and salt sole .....February 2016, and was feeling quite desperate and hopeless. I had a good handle on the foods I can and can't tolerate (I was diagnosed April 2007 so I had many years of food detective work) but something still wasn't right. I was being controlled by GP and missing out on life! A gal from my SIBO group suggested I join HGPN, a life-changing suggestion. I call 2016 a year of healing and I thank HGPN for it. Please don't think I am GP free because I will always have it, but it is definitely under control. My gut flora is more balanced, I got off three gut prescriptions and haven't needed an iron infusion, although I'm borderline there. I went from being in almost constant flares to three bad flares in 2016. I haven't had a bad flare since the end of October. I have gained 25 pounds which is ten pounds too much! My food variety has increased and I can actually eat out. I never skip essential oils (turmeric, Gastro and Kate's Happy Tummy are daily), and yogurt/ kefir/kraut juice. I keep Nausea and salt grains close by because I still get