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Recording Available - Top 5 Foods to Heal Gastroparesis

Our first webinar, Top 5 Foods to Heal Gastroparesis, is now available to view!

Presenting this meant more to me than I could possibly explain because of the difference I've seen with my own healing as well as the many, many others I've talked to this past year. In fact, my hands were actually sweating at 10:59, one minute prior to beginning haha. I just wanted it to go well and with technology, you just never know when something may decide to not work properly!

Nervousness aside, the talk went great, the knowledge and experience Chalyce shares are just priceless and I am so grateful to have her on my "dream team" for the absolute best quality of life while living with the challenges GP can present.

I hope you find it beneficial as well and please send us a question or comment if you have any.

We would like to offer you a discount, which you will also hear about towards the end of the webinar, on the 6-week program we are SO excited to get started with on February 21st. This will be available through midnight on Wednesday, February 1st. For details, you can visit this link, and again, feel free to send us questions if you have any.

Click below to listen to the webinar and hope you enjoy!

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