Become a Patron for HGPN!

January 6, 2017


Healing GP Naturally has joined Patreon, a platform that allows us to share the latest updates, videos, live chats, and Q&A's. It is a fun way to provide people living with GP education about living well and in return get the support needed to send care packages, host book launches (starting in late spring!) and support grants for new research.  


What's in it for you? 

That's the exciting part! By becoming a "Patron" you not only provide support but you will also receive rewards depending on what level you choose. And seriously, you can choose a small enough amount or whatever you are comfortable with, as little as 3 cents a day. When enough people come together it can make a huge impact! 


Current Goal:

When we reach $500.00, Chalyce will begin to host interviews with one Patron per month; to talk about their own experience with the New Approach that we share, and how it has changed their life for the better. A great way for someone who has been through it to inspire others as well as for others to be inspired on this challenging journey we all share. 


Patron Levels: 


GP Member - Just $1/month, or 3 cents a day - You will receive access to the Patron-only feed for posts and photo updates along the way. Help someone else with GP receive a GP Starter Collection filled with essential oils and Himalayan salt to help them improve the quality of life.


GP Buddy - Only $3/month, or 10 cents a day - Every month you have access to the Patreon-live chat (an app can also be used on your mobile phone) with all of the GP Buddies! Plus all previous rewards.


GP Q&A - $5/month, or 17 cents a day - When you have a question, you will be one of the few that can ask on our live chats. Plus all previous rewards.


GP Live - $10/month - For less than 33 cents a day, every month, we will have a Patron-only member share their success story with us. Plus get discount codes for online classes available and all previous rewards.