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Aug 12, 2018
In Welcome to HGPN!
Hi there! My name is Theresa and I am 47 years old. I have two teenage boys. I live in NJ. When I was 20 years old, I had IBS-D. It controlled my life, but I always knew how to manage it. I never left the house without knowing where the bathrooms were. I had stomach pain, yes, but there was an end to it after finding a bathroom. It could strike 3-5x a day, and then not for another day or two. It was all I knew, and somehow, I was okay with it. Fast forward to my mid-30s. I got very sick with sinus infections, exhaustion, fatigue, and a lot of other symptoms. So many doctors, no answers. I got worse and worse. Finally found a great doctor who diagnosed me with CFS and Fibro. As time went on, the bloodwork came back with Sjrogens, lupus and I developed asthma. Possibly RA too. I'm a mess. In the beginning I would push through and try to live my life, learning that every time I exerted, I would pay with a sore throat and fever. Eventually, after years of doing that, I learned how to accept it. I was sick and couldn't do much. If I wanted to do something small, I would have to lay on the couch to compensate when I got back. It became a way of life and I accepted that I was very sick and my limitations. I felt better mentally once I accepted and stopped pushing myself, then crashing so badly. Three years ago, one day, my stomach just stopped moving. It was odd bc I was the girl with IBS-D in the bathroom constantly, now I couldn't even sit up straight bc the pain was so bad in my stomach and I couldn't go to the bathroom. Within a few days I was up 5 lbs on the scale. I went to gastro and as usual, was told nothing was wrong. I got used to that for years, so don't trust many doctors after being sick for so long. I went to the one dr that I trust that manages all my other illnesses and she said that it's likely GP and part of the progression of my other illnesses. She said it's common with that. She's a brilliant research physician. I went back to Gastro basically begging for help, to be told there's nothing they can do. They did upper and lower GI and other tests and she said they were fine, and that they don't have a test for GP and it doesn't matter anyway bc she wouldn't prescribe meds. My other main doctor had prescribed Linzess for me. I do get some relief on Linzess. It works some days, not others, but I wouldn't be able to function at all without it at this point. Ideally, I would LOVE to get off of it. The gastro dr then said they support Linzess and would continue to prescribe it. My GP was going along, not great, but somewhat managed by Linzess and a few months ago it got somehow worse. Another 5-7 lbs up on the scale (in addition to the first 5 that never came off) I'm ravenous constantly, nothing moves in my stomach though. I just keep eating and gaining and feeling so much stomach pain. I've read about this protocol and would like to do this 100%, all in, to see if this can help me to manage my GP. My next step is to order the oils and learn about what foods I can eat. I should mention I'm incredibly picky so this will be a challenge, but I know I have to do something because I cannot live like this anymore. I am taking my boys on vacation in two weeks (my oldest is leaving for the military so it's possibly our last family vacation) and I plan to start this when I come back, so that I can have all of the foods and protocols at my house. When I start, I want to be 100% in. So I'm learning and gathering info now and starting the beginning of September. Sorry so long. That's my story and I'm happy to be here! Looking forward to meeting everyone and hopefully this is the start of healing for all of us!


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